Surface grinding

Surface grinding is a machining technology in which a material is grinded with a hard abrasive

  • Easy grinding of flat surfaces, large and heavy workpieces, especially for tool shops, manufacturers of moulds and preparations and companies working in cooperation.
  • High precision and performance when grinding large workpieces.
  • Grinding of both soft and very hard materials from steel, cast iron, tool steel and hardened materials.
  • During machine grinding, are achieved high precision and a high-quality and smooth surface without defects, such as spiral maps on the workpiece.

CNC portal grinder


Machine type: SZ 12-12-08


Travels in the X, Y, Z axes (mm): 8000/1200/1250

Clamping surface of the table (mm): 8000 × 1250

Universal surface grinder


Machine type: BRH40B

Producer: ZVL Povážské strojárně

Travels in the X, Y, Z axes (mm): 1270/350/370

Clamping surface of the table (mm): 1300 × 400

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