Machining with single-edged tools of various designs.

  • In most cases, the cutting tool is fixed while the workpiece rotates.
  • CNC turning is one of the most modern and high-quality methods of metalworking.
  • Metalworking with high-quality CNC lathes is fast and very accurate.
  • In order to always achieve 100% results, we use only high-quality machines for the production of all our tools.
  • By CNC turning we mean machining of internal or external rotating surfaces using a single-edged tools.

Universal center lathes


Machine type: SN 71 B / SU 50 A

Producer: TRENS / TOS Čelákovice

Turning length (mm): 1500 / 1500

Turning diameter (mm): 710 / 700

CNC lathe


Machine type: TC 800 L

Producer: SPINNER

Turning length (mm): 1500

Turning diameter (mm): 313

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